5 Random Tweets with the Hashtag #harrypotter

It is always a good time to fondly revisit our favorite series Harry Potter. Though the final book has been published long back and the final movie released, people always have something to talk about Harry Potter. Here lets take a look on 5 tweets with the hashtag #harrypotter that were posted today.

1. MTV made a post on Harry Potter and tweeted the link.

2. So what if we cannot go to Hogwarts, we can always visit Platform 9 and 3/4, right?

3. The fandom tends to get way too technical with their beloved series.

4. Err..Draco Malfoy getting cozy with the Weasleys?

5. Harry Potter magic recreated at the reunion at the FanExpoCanada.


5 Latest Tweets from Taylor Swift

1.  When she tweeted about her show in the Salt Lake City and Denver.

2. When Kanye sent her flowers ( doesn’t she look adorable! ).

3. When she wished Beyonce Happy Birthday.

4. When she expressed her love for Four Pink Walls.

5. When she had her Wildest Dream.

5 YouTube Video Links on Career Advice

If you are planing your future career or simply want to change the current one, you will need to plan it properly. This 5 YouTube links are listed below to provide you an idea on how to decide a right career for you:

1.  This video link will show you from where you have to start when you are planning your career.

2.  What are the parameters you need to consider when you are planning your career? Watch this video to know about them.

3.  Career plan should be made when you are a student. Check out this inspiring video to learn how to plan your career when you are a student.

4.  If you are planning to let yourself out of your comfort zone and try a different career, then you can check out this video.

5.  This inspirational video on Suze Orman’s career building advice will help you a lot.