5 Best Episodes of Tom & Jerry

Who haven’t watched Tom & Jerry as a child ( or as an adult ) ? The cat and mouse chase cartoon from the 1940’s will always have a special space in our hearts despite the revolution of anime movies and cartoons. Today let’s revisit the top 5 episodes of our beloved cartoon.

1. The Cat Concerto

Tom, is a famous pianist ( famous enough to have a hall full of audience ) and is currently conducting a show. Unfortunately, Jerry is sleeping inside the piano which Tom is playing. So as expected, chaos follows. Watch this episode to find how Tom & Jerry tries to outsmart each other while the concert must go on!

2. Heavenly Puss

In his attempt to torture Jerry, Tom dies. Due to his sinful life on earth, he’s not allowed to enter heaven. He is, however, allowed to go back to earth for a limited time to earn Jerry’s forgiveness. If Jerry forgives him, he can enter heaven. We see how Tom tries to convince, blackmail and later on begs Jerry for forgiveness while the keeper of hell beckons to punish him. Will Tom get to enter heaven? Watch on!

3. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, a masterpiece by Robert Louis Stevenson gets a new dimension in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse. A carefully brewed potion leads Jerry to become strong and powerful enough to overpower Tom. But what will happen when the potion ends and Jerry replaces it with a carelessly made potion? Find it out in the enjoyable episode of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse, my personal favorite!

4. Midnight Snack

Who does not love a midnight snack? A midnight scuffle occurs when Jerry tries to smuggle some food from the refrigerator in the midnight and Tom interrupts. Tom puts Jerry through a lots of trouble and does Jerry get back at him or what? Watch this amazing episode and don’t forget to grab a midnight snack or two while you are at it!

5. Triplet Trouble

Ok, so the whole series about how Tom and Jerry are always at each others throat. But some of the best episodes are where the two team up against outside evil! And here in the episode of Triplet Trouble, the evil comes in form of three cute adorable kittens. Watch how they turn out to be ‘not so adorable’ kittens and how Tom & Jerry teach them a lesson by ganging up.

Do share your top 5 Tom & Jerry episodes in the comment section!