5 Types of Girls You Should Never Date

1.   The Whiner:

That girl’s not enough dressed, she’s too much dressed, she has too much makeup on, he has dull clothes, he’s too boring, he has a girl car! These are what your girlfriend likes to discuss most of the time. And it goes on and on. You should know this is never going to stop. This continuous criticism of every small thing, she thinks it’s her duty to the society. So unless you enjoy it too, you should leave her as soon as possible.

2.   Are-You-Her-ATM:

She always goes to a fancy restaurant, she only chooses the high range wine and she buys stuff with your money but doesn’t even know your middle name. Congratulation! You have got yourself a gold-digger. Her eyes are not on you but on your wallet. There’s no certain tips on how to spot her but as soon as you do, break up with her!

3.   Your Shadow:

Ok, so you have started dating this girl for say one week. And you already love her! You have the common interests, common favorite places, common hobbies and what not. You are thinking, I have found my soulmate! But hold on. Have you considered the other possibility? She might be just mirroring what you do in order to get you to like her. If this is the case, you should know, you are just having a relationship with your shadow.

4. The Obsessive One:

Are you her date? Or her savior? Or her obsession? Before you get into a relationship, you must check this. Because if the last one is true, you will end up having no personal space. She will be with you 24 hours, in person or in phone. She will memorize your schedule, will reschedule her routine to match yours, she will be in your dream when you are asleep! The attention may seem interesting at first but soon it will be suffocating.

5.  The Living-In-A-Fairytale Girl:

Girls are, in general, more fancy dreamer then guys. That’s ok. But if all her thoughts include knights in shiny armor who will snatch her from this non-magical world then you should rethink before involving with her. Because you may not be able to make her bed with misty clouds or hang stars around her bed. But this is about your perspective too. If you are the guy who has always dreamed about having a pet unicorn then maybe you should stick together.


5 Types of Guys You Should Never Date

1.   Just-a-Fling Guy:

He’s dating you, he’s talking to you, he’s meeting to you everyday. But in his mind, you are a temp. You are just a fling. The phrase he uses, ‘I am not looking for a serious relationship right now’ means you’re wasting your time on him.

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2.   Someone Related to Your Ex:

Ok, they ended up happy in the show. But in general ex’s friend or brother or any kind of related is a bad news. You will date for a long time but then one day he might flip because your ex has accidentally(!) given some facts about you.

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3.   The Narcissist:

If your date is a confident guy then it’s not a problem. But if he’s too confident to even care about your feelings, then he’s a big no-no. Too much into his looks, living a free life, always I-am-right guy will have little time to actually notice you.

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4.   Complains-Too-Much Guy:

Ok, now he is exactly the opposite of the narcissist. He sees you, he sees you too much and make every little judgement he can. How to recognize him? Well, he judges almost everything else and that’s your first clue.

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5.   The Misogynist:

It is obvious from the title. A person who hates or does not trust women at all but dates one is a mystery to me. The question is not why you wouldn’t date him, the question is why you have decided to date him in the first place.

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